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With a vision to preserve the manufacturing industry in Norway, Canpro delivers automation and robotization of a wide range of production lines. Together with close partners, the company has achieved solid results

t takes a lot to keep up with developments. This requires a company that is forward-looking, assertive and positive about new technology. The scaffolding company Alutec is one such enterprise. With the help of Canpro, they have now automated large parts of their production – to significant gains.

 “The delivery from Canpro is a complete production line that automates labor-intensive processes such as sawing, punching and pressing to manufacture scaffolding parts,” says Endre Næss, General Manager of Canpro. 

The solution consists of a tailor-made laser cutting machine that is set up in a cell together with robots and press, in addition to a self-produced software for easy and safe operation. Production should go automatically from bundle with full profile lengths to finished packaged product. 

Better precision – less waste

For Alutec, it is important to keep production in Norway. This requires innovative solutions to maintain competitiveness. The company has collaborated with Canpro for a long time, and the close relationship opens up for exciting and creative development. In recent years, the focus has been on replacing manual processes with automation. Canpro was tasked with assembling a robot cell that was designed for this and has now reached its goal.

The new solution means many gains for Alutec. To name a few:

• The precision of the product is significantly increased. 

• Resource-intensive manual operations are automated. 

• Product design is done in one operation, thus saving time, logistics and machinery. 

Design changes that previously required new punching tools, jigs and so on, only require a change in cutting program. Cutting with a laser result in less wastage, and an estimated increased utilization of raw materials from 94% to 97%. 

The technology is also good news for several other manufacturing companies. “Anyone who currently produces large series of products based on different steel or aluminium profiles should consider the technology. With total solutions that we have set up here, the need for resources can in many cases be reduced and the unit cost can be greatly reduced. This is also current technology for plate processing. In many cases, it will be profitable to replace water cutting, punching, and cutting torch with laser cutting,” Næss explains.

Large network

Canpro’s large and extensive network has been crucial in the development of the Alutec plant. Especially the collaboration with the Dutch company Metaquip and the engineering firm Controlteam.

Canpro and Controlteam have a high level of technical expertise, while Metaquip has expertise in lasers. We have joined forces and used our various strengths,” says Svein Håhjem, solution architect and product developer at Canpro.

Together with Metaquip, we have made modifications and adaptations – not least to European safety routines and regulations. The result is that we can deliver our customer a complete and efficient production line that is tailored to their use – at a good price,” says Håhjem. Metaquip has been responsible for the installation and start-up of the laser bench.  Controlteam has developed the software for central operation and monitoring of the production line. Canpro also works closely with automation company KUKA, which provides specialist expertise and experience data. 

The first delivery is calculated to give us one man-year in savings and the second delivery is calculated to give us two man-years in savings. The investment also gives us increased capacity for further increased and streamlined production volumes

Optimal delivery

The Alutec project is supported with funds from the skatteFUNN funding scheme. One of Canpro’s great advantages is that they work closely with Infund, who are experts in grant funding. This dialogue allows them to have an idea early in the process as to whether it is likely to receive a grant. 

Canpro’s choice of partners is by no means random. It is about developing trust over time and finding the players who can best contribute to an optimal delivery in each project. 

We are also concerned with customer contacts who can add knowledge during the preparation of solutions. This means additional resources if there are extraordinary challenges or a need for specialist expertise. Together we are very strong, and that benefits our customers,” says Næss.

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